A fabulous sensory garden, designed with the client's specific needs in mind.

This contemporary garden started off life as a scrappy slope and boring patio. See our projects page for the before pics

This pub garden transformation was quite a project. See our projects page to see just what was involved.

This set of steps was built to replace a set that was beginning to become dangerous. Simple use of sleepers and gravel makes for cost-effective steps that still look great!

This was a great project to create an outdoor space for staff at Chicken House Publishing. Using the industrial heritage of the site we created a useable, funky & relaxing space.

This garden was redesigned & built by Green & Gorgeous. From a featureless mess to a wonderful space - take a look at our Gallery page to see how the story unfolded.

We have specialised teams covering general & specialised garden maintenance, design & landscaping. Our highly qualified team are always focused on quality.

Raised sleeper beds of unusual but highly effective construction make a real feature in this new productive garden.

A completed garden, designed & built by Green & Gorgeous.

A multi-discipline project, designed & built by Green & Gorgeous. Fencing to delineate a public footpath with a mixed woodland planted to one side & a hedge with specimen trees on the other.

The Kevin McCloud shed project - wildflower turf looking stunning.

A stunning triple pond cascade to feed water from one lake down into another. See our projects page for the full impact of this transformation.

This low-maintenance garden has gone through quite a transformation. See our projects page for pictures of how it used to look.

If your garden is too much to manage or you've the space but not the time or inclination, then let Green & Gorgeous inject a passion for plants into your life.

Set-up by Paul Hermon after 7 years working in a London office, Paul swapped his PC for potting compost and now focuses on high quality horticultural and landscaping services at affordable prices and delivered in a timely fashion.  11 years later and we've helped dozens of people create and maintain beautiful gardens.

Why not give us a call to see how we can help you.

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  • See how Green & Gorgeous helped Kevin McCloud with his Man-Made Shed programme - take a look at our Gallery page ....
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Green and Gorgeous are Wildflower Turf Accredited Installers in Somerset.

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